Sample Blends & Sprays


✤ Cold Abatement: aids in relieving cold symptoms
✤ Allergy Relief: aids in reducing allergic reactions
✤ Sleepy Oil: assists with falling asleep
✤ Headache Relief: reduces tension thus relieves pain
✤ Cold Sore Rub: assists in reducing the duration
✤ Stress Ease: calms the nervous system
✤ Burns: aids in pain and blistering, may reduces severity
✤ Bruise & Abrasion Relief: aids in the healing process
✤ Lymphatic Rub: assists with clearing toxins
✤ Energy Boost: energizes and naturally stimulates
✤ Sinus Rub: reduces swelling & may reduce infection
✤ Extreme Stress Relief: aids in relaxation and calming
✤ Hormonal Harmony:
✤ AlliveAche
✤ Tranquility:


✤ Scared Journey:
✤ Energy Cleansing and Protection:
✤ Finding Me:
✤ Reconnecting Self:
✤ Sharron’s Sunshine:
✤ Free to Breathe:
✤ Walking in Truth:
✤ Cool Flash:
✤ Alertness:

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